Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nokia E75 reset

Hard reset Nokia E75:
If you have problems with your phone, errors that do not seem to go away then maybe it is time for a hard reset. Before you do that remember to backup all your data.

When hard resetting your E75 you will loose all your data that is stored on your internal memory. Maybe that is why Nokia still makes such low memories. But, that is another topic for another post. The Nokia E75 has been known to have problems with bluetooth. But, at least it has bluetooth ( a sucker-punch for iPhone users).

As I found from personal experience, hard resetting might fix a lot of incompatibility issues and also frees a lot of your memory. For the E75 might just fix your faulty connection , so you might take that into consideration. Despite some of you might think, hard reset is different than soft reset. A soft reset is easy, it just restores the phone to its initial state, the one you bought it like. A state that may have some data, predefined by the seller.
However, hard reset restores your phone to its basic settings. The one that Nokia made for your phone, or for that version of Symbian. Hard reset is a great tool for your E75. Especially, if you just updated your phone and some of the features stopped working or it is working very slow.

Furthermore, after an important update I recommend to hard reset. Why do I say that? Well, just like you I own a Nokia phone and I updated (two to be more precise). And, after a few updates the phone became leggy and my apps crashed on me. Plus, my internal memory was at an all time low, although I used my memory card to store everything. So I decided it was time for a hard reset.

After, the hard reset the phone had a lot of memory free and the speed was excellent. It just took like half a second to access menu and navigation was very fast. My apps started acting normal, although I had to reinstall most. Nokia makes great phones but sloppy software. So, guys and girls keep in mind that from time to time a hard reset might do a lot of good. Think of it  as a clean slate, for your E75, a new beginning.

To conclude, I would like to remind you to play safe and backup your data. Also, I think it is abouy time to tell you how to do the hard reset. Just enter *#7370# and press Yes, for soft reset *#7380# and if your phone wown’t power on Power+*+3.

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