Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nokia E52 reset

Hard Reset, Secret Code Nokia E52

   Performing a Hard Reset on Nokia E52 will be erase all user data and also the settings will be return to the factory settings. It's highly recomended to backup all important data first and make sure that the battre power is full due prevent from the further damage.
        It's usually doing if the phone have software problem, hard reset is the first step prior to the next step is to reflash.

To perform it on Nokia E52 simply by following the steps below :

1. Turn the phone off
2. Press and hold CALL + * + 3 + POWER buttons until Nokia boot up screen is appear
3. release the POWER button if the phone feels like power up, but still holding all three buttons (CALL + * + 3) until process complited.

Restore Factory settings Code ( *#7780# )

Reformat Code ( *#7370# )

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